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“This neck pillow is a lifesaver for me and the fact that it heats up is an added bonus. Lately, I've been having some neck pains and when lying on this pillow you can feel your muscles relaxing and stretching. It is the most amazing feeling. The curvature of the pillow allows you to lay very comfortably and you can even sleep on it.”

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In a world filled with the pressures and strains of daily life, stress often takes its toll, leaving a search for relief. The discomfort, tension, and pains that manifest in the neck area are a well-known affliction. Navigating through the day while experiencing neck discomfort can prove draining and can also hamper productivity, reducing the accomplishment of daily responsibilities.

Introducing the TranquilCush™, a neck therapy pillow designed to give immediate relaxation. Simply lay the neck on the pillow and utilize any of the three heat compression modes and three shock modes, all customizable to the preferred intensity. The TranquilCush™ is great neck therapy and makes a soothed neck much more achievable!



TRIPLE-MODE: The TranquilCush™ offers three controls to choose from being inflation and deflation, vibration massage, and heating for neck relief. The versatility of this massager alleviates all pain types. 

HEAT COMPRESS: This massage device features a thirty-minute constant heat compress mode. The use of heat compress from the TranquilCush™ daily can relieve shoulder tension and accelerate blood circulation

ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Designed with a natural curve, the TranquilCush™ ensures the neck fits comfortably between the pillows. It provides extra support and unwavering comfort throughout the massage experience.

MEMORY FOAM COMFORT: Crafted with memory foam, the TranquilCush™ offers soft, comfortable support. It cushions the neck in serenity during every massage session.


We understand the relentless demands of modern life taking a physical toll on your body. The cycle of stress can feel never-ending and exhausting, taking time away from your priorities. A survey conducted by the Stress Management Society revealed that 4 out of 5 people experience physical symptoms such as neck tension due to stress and overexertion.  

Thankfully, the TranquilCush™ transforms your neck therapy experience, making relaxation effortless and relieving discomfort with every use. Experience serenity, warmth, and tranquility with the multiple massage modes and heating choices this curved pillow has to offer. Upgrade to the TranquilCush™ for the best method of pain alleviation on a tensed neck!




Product Material: Memory Foam
Gear: Low | Medium | High



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