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"I love that this is a "bassinet" option that lets me be closer to the baby and have easy access while still giving him his own safe space. It makes nighttime feedings super easy."

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During sleep, infants often develop strong attachments to specific objects or individuals, providing them with a reassuring sense of security. As babies mature, the process of breaking these attachment habits and teaching them to sleep independently can pose a formidable challenge. Encouraging independent sleep in babies is a pivotal aspect of their development, but it can be both exhausting and exasperating.

Introducing the BabyCot™, a crib designed exclusively for babies that seamlessly attaches to any mattress. This mesh-sided baby crib carves out a personal space for the little one, fostering independent sleep patterns while diligently safeguarding them from potential risks. The BabyCot™ is amazing in helping to make the transition to independent sleeping easy and enjoyable, offering proximity forcomfort and reassurance!



FACILITATES INDEPENDENT SLEEP: BabyCot™ serves as an effective teacher for infants to sleep independently. The crib's walls create a safe separation from parents, encouraging self-reliance and supporting a child's development.

ROCK-SOLID INSTALLATION: This crib comes with robust steel poles, pipes, and tubes that securely fasten to the mattress. These materials aid in establishing a sturdy foundation for the BabyCot™ on different kinds of beds.

EFFORTLESS LOCK DESIGN: This infant crib features a user-friendly unlock and lock mechanism. The BabyCot™ offers quick access to comfort the baby when needed, allowing them to return to sleep with ease.

PREMIUM QUALITY: The BabyCot™ is constructed free from harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, paint, or fluorescent agents. This feature helps create a safe and wholesome sleeping environment for the baby. 

BUILT-IN MOSQUITO NET: The BabyCot™ boasts a built-in mosquito net. This design helps to shield the baby from insects while preserving their delicate skin.



We empathize with the challenges of transitioning your baby to independent sleep without constant holding. This process can be demanding for both you and your baby, given the strong bond between parents and children. According to a study featured in the Journal of Affective Disorders, continued co-sleeping with parents, even in later stages, can lead to mental health issues in children by the age of six.

The good news is that BabyCot™ offers an exceptional solution, carving out a dedicated sleeping space for your baby while sharing the same mattress. This baby crib provides a secure environment, supporting your baby's early-stage development. Elevate your baby's sleep patterns and maintain a sense of security with BabyCot™—an effective means of encouraging independent sleep!




Material: Mesh Fabric + Aluminum 



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