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"Cute & Nice. My wife, a little bit OCD, loves it so much to keep cosmetics organized and clean. It holds a lot, and looks adorable and stylish! Especially the LED lighted mirror offering a bright white light perfect for make-up. It has adjustable lighting and is very easy to get charged…"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Jayce
Verified Buyer 


The world of makeup and skincare is made of vibrant lipsticks, flawless foundation, amazing products, and more. Yet, chaos can quickly envelop the dresser, leaving makeup bottles scattered and the serene space transformed into a cluttered battlefield. Viewing this mess can feel frustrating and overwhelming, especially when having to hunt through the products.

Introducing BeautyCaddy™, the makeup organizer that streamlines the beauty routine. This elegant caddy offers a safe haven for treasured beauty products, complete with an adjustable LED mirror that effortlessly attaches to the organizer. BeautyCaddy™ transforms the space into a tranquil haven of beauty, elevating the day-to-day routine!



ADJUSTABLE LED MIRROR: The BeautyCaddy™ boasts a versatile LED mirror with a rotatable and foldable design, allowing adjustments to be made for the perfect angle. Makeup application is much more personalized with this mirror.

NATURAL LIGHTING: The LED lighting provided by BeautyCaddy™ replicates natural light, making the makeup application process easy and realistic. Tap the button to adjust the brightness based on desire. 

SUFFICIENT STORAGE: This organizer offers ample storage space for multiple skincare and makeup products. With the BeautyCaddy™, everything is kept pristine and the essentials are within arm’s reach.

DURABLE FRAME MATERIAL: The BeautyCaddy™ is constructed from non-toxic and durable ABS material. This feature gives it a long-lasting and resilient finish for years worth of use. 

RECHARGEABLE USE: The LED mirror is powered by a rechargeable battery and can be easily charged with a USB charger. The BeautyCaddy™ guarantees endless illumination for all beauty needs.



We empathize with the daily challenge of keeping your beauty collection neatly arranged. Dealing with beauty items strewn about can be not only irritating but also a daunting task to tidy up. Numerous well-known influencers in the world of celebrities have admitted to having disorganized drawers and cluttered desks as a result of their affection for beauty products.

Thankfully, the BeautyCaddy™ transforms the mess of your daily ritual into an elegant and efficient process for your cherished products. Equipped with a detachable and customizable LED mirror and abundant storage space, organizing your makeup items is a breeze. Elevate and welcome an enhanced makeup routine with the BeautyCaddy™!



Material: ABS 
Power mode: USB Charger | 3 (AAA) battery (Not Included)



(1) X Caddy
(1) X Mirror 
(1) X USB Charger 


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