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CatRest™ - Attachable Hammock Seat

“This is a great product! My cats were a little reluctant because I took away part of their normal perch for their neighborhood watch (lol) but now it has become an afternoon favorite for napping. It fits great in the window and still allows for me to open the window.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Meena
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Cats are great furry companions to share a living space with, bringing joy and a unique set of challenges. Nevertheless, cat resting seats and beds can eat up precious space in the home, especially in cozy apartments, leaving limited room to move and live. The frustration of navigating around bulky cat perches and beds can lead to a cramped and cluttered home, taking away from the comfortable and spacious living environment that’s desired.

Introducing the CatRest™, the ingenious solution to create a cozy cat resting space without sacrificing your living space. This innovative cat hammock can be easily fixed to window sills, chair backs, bedside, and more, providing the feline friend with an elevated resting spot. The CatRest™ creates a decluttered living space, allowing the cat to comfortably rest while creating a spacious and organized home!



VERSATILE INSTALLATION: The CatRest™ can be fixed to various locations, including window sills, chair backs, bedside, and more. When not in use, it can be conveniently removed without disassembly.

ADJUSTABLE SUPPORT: This cat window perch features adjustable snap-in legs, providing extra support. The hooks and legs of the CatRest™ can be customized to fit different installation locations, with a maximum adjustment distance of 6 inches.

EFFORTLESS ASSEMBLY: The CatRest™ can be ready in just five minutes. The legs come with 2 felt spacers to prevent wall damage, making it capable of holding up to 40 pounds, suitable for multiple cats or large felines.

HYGIENIC AND WASHABLE: The hammock of the CatRest™ is easily removable and washable. This feature creates a clean resting space and prevents bacteria buildup, keeping the cat healthy.


We understand the everyday struggles of cat owners, dealing with the space-consuming cat beds and perches that often make our homes feel crowded. Cats deserve a comfy resting spot that also doesn't come at the expense of a living space. Several studies have shown that cats require a comfortable resting spot to ensure proper development and overall happiness. 

Thankfully, the CatRest™ is the ideal solution for cat comfort. By securely attaching this innovative cat hammock to various spots in your home, the adjustable snap-in legs provide reliable support, and the ease of installation provides your cat with an enjoyable experience. Enhance your living environment with the CatRest™, for a happy pet and a comfy home! 



Weight Capacity: ≤ 40 lbs 



(8) X Screws
(4) X Leg Attachments 


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