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“I was looking for something to print labels to help me get organized so I ordered this little gem. It prints super fast and the labels stick well on everything I've tried and I've tried several different smooth surfaces.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Matt
✅ Verified Buyer


Traditional printing methods are great for documents and papers but can be wasteful and inconvenient for smaller images. Every small image or label printed on a regular printer contributes to paper wastage and environmental concerns. It can feel annoying to have to print small images and stickers for work and school and having to cut paper to get the desired result. 

Introducing the MiniPrinter™, a portable and thermal printer designed to print stickers. This printer works through an app interface and provides an inkless and wireless printing experience through included colored and white adhesive thermal rolls. Whether it's wall art, desk decor, or labeling notebooks, MiniPrinter™ offers creative possibilities without paper waste!



WIRELESS PRINTING: The MiniPrinter™ connects wirelessly to an Android or iOS device through the Phomemo Inkless Printing app. This app makes selecting images easy and printing hassle-free.

INKLESS THERMAL PRINTING: This sticker printer utilizes thermal printing technology. With this technology, the MiniPrinter™ produces smudge-free, fade-resistant prints without the need for traditional ink.

COMPACT PORTABILITY: The MiniPrinter™ is designed to be compact. This printer is suitable to carry in a bag for work, school, or personal purposes and can be traveled easily with the included charging cord for hours of usage.  

VARYING STICKER ROLLS: The MiniPrinter™ comes with six rolls of white adhesive paper, and one roll each of orange, green, and purple adhesive paper. By offering a wide range of color choices, it’s easy to fulfill creative endeavors


We understand the struggle of paper waste and the need for a more sustainable, efficient way to print stickers and labels. Stickers are constantly needed for studying purposes, work and organizational needs, and more, creating frustration when having to print them in the demanding process of using a regular printer. Almost 25% of landfills are wasted paper alone, proving the constant misuse of paper. 

Thankfully, the MiniPrinter™ helps in creating beautiful stickers, labels, and art without the guilt of paper wastage. It's a tool that not only saves the environment but also empowers you to express your creativity through quick printing from the easy app on IOS and Android phones. Upgrade to the MiniPrinter™ and unlock a world of sustainable, wireless, and inkless printing that fits in your pocket!




Printing Method: Direct Thermal Printing (no ink, no toner)
Battery: 1000mAh
Charger: USB
Compatible System: iOS & Android



(1) X Printer
(6) X White Adhesive Paper
(1) X Orange Adhesive Paper
(1) X Green Adhesive Paper
(1) X Purple Adhesive Paper
(1) X User Manual
(1) X Charging Cord


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