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“I’m an older woman and this is so helpful for weeding and planting in the ground. I used mine throughout the summer and love how lightweight but strong it is.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - L. Inman 
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Gardening is a popular hobby where there is joy in taking care of blossoms, vegetables, fruits, and more. However, the physical toll of gardening is no secret as there can be aching knees, dirt-streaked clothes, and the constant struggle between standing and kneeling. Planting can leave the body feeling drained and yearning for a solution that enhances the gardening experience. 

Introducing PlantPro™, the perfect gardening companion that is a dual-purpose planting stool. This device is a a comfortable kneeling pad made of soft foam and a chair to rest on during outdoor tasks, ensuring proper knee support, and preventing injuries. The PlantPro™ provides a newfound sense of ease in gardening tasks, keeping clothes clean and knees happy! 



SOFT MATERIAL: The PlantPro™ is made of a foam pad that offers unparalleled knee support. The foam pad prevents aching knees, allowing planting to be done with comfort. 

DUAL-PURPOSE: The versatility of PlantPro™ is unmatched as it can be used as a chair or kneeling pad. This stool serves two purposes for planting based on what is needed for the gardening task. 

MESS-FREE: Gardening is known for its messiness, but the PlantPro™ creates a barrier between the clothes and the ground. Clothes will no longer be mud-stained from kneeling on the dirt.  

PORTABLE: This pad features a lightweight and compact design, allowing for ease of portability. The PlantPro™ can be transported wherever gardening leads. 


We understand the unrelenting physical demands that come with gardening. Having to plant with aching knees and dirty clothes can be a daunting task and isn’t exactly the ideal scenario for such a fun hobby. Statistics show that many gardeners suffer from knee and back pain due to the physical toll of their beloved hobby.

The PlantPro™ is the perfect solution to make planting simple and fun. Whether weeding, planting, or watering, this chair/kneeling pad serves as the perfect tool for your gardening endeavors. Embrace a pain-free and mess-free gardening experience with PlantPro™ - your trusted gardening companion!



Material: Steel and EVA foam
Maximum load capacity: 331 lbs



(1) X Garden Kneeler
(1) X Tool Pouch Bag


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