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“I have 3 cats who absolutely love this toy. Keeps them entertained longer than any of their other interactive toys. So happy I purchased this. Plus it is USB rechargeable! Don’t have to worry about replacing batteries!!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Zimmerman
Verified Buyer


Cat companions are amazing to have as they are loyal friends who are generally calm and relaxed. However, having a cat comes with unique challenges such as keeping them active because they often experience boredom, and that can lead to a whole lot of mischief and restlessness. It can evoke feelings of frustration when the cat is unsatisfied and at a loss of energy.

Introducing PlayKitty™, the revolutionary 4-in-1 cat toy designed to provide endless entertainment for the furry companion. This innovative toy combines a cat feather teaser, an automatic laser pointer, rotating balls, and a built-in negative ion purification system. With PlayKitty™, the natural cat instincts will come to life as they pounce, chase, and play like never before!



MULTIPLE INTERACTIVE MODES: The PlayKitty™ offers three automatic rotation modes - slow, fast, and random, ensuring the cat remains engaged. The toy modes will turn off after 30 minutes of use, preventing overstimulation and fatigue.

ADJUSTABLE FEATURES: The PlayKitty™ is customizable for the cat’s preferences of play choice. The height of the overall toy, features, ribbons, and laser point can be adjusted to keep the excitement going. 

ION PURIFICATION: The PlayKitty™ is equipped with a built-in negative ion generator, creating a calm, dust-free environment. The cat's respiratory health will improve, and post-playtime sneezes will be a thing of the past.

USB CHARGING: This cat toy is accompanied by a USB cable. The PlayKitty™ features a built-in rechargeable battery that can be charged with a USB cable, providing convenience.


We empathize with the daily challenge of ensuring your cat's joy and contentment. Observing your feline friend wander aimlessly through the house, their meows sounding disinterested, can be a source of exasperation. Recent survey data reveals that 8 out of 10 cat owners share the worry that their cats' boredom is impacting their overall happiness and health.

Thankfully, the PlayKitty™ offers the best playtime solution to solve boredom. It provides hours of entertainment through teasing feather play, moving laser pointers, and fun rotating balls, reducing your anxiety and promoting a more joyful household. Elevate your cat's playtime with the PlayKitty™, giving them the opportunity to enjoy limitless amusement!




Material: Plastic 



(4) X Detachable Bases
(3) X Feathers
(2) X Track Balls
(1) X USB Charger 


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