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“My dog is nuts. She gets nervous outside the house and while she loves to "run like the wind" she's notorious for tearing off the arm of whoever is running her. This harness is not only sturdy and well made, but it also seems to make her feel secure. She pulls less and walks/runs better (with relation to her human, lol).

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Cabo
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Furry companions are the best to share life adventures with, especially on walks and hikes. However, traditional harnesses often tangle, twist, and make it nearly impossible to maintain control, turning a pleasant walk into a daily struggle. The frustration and stress caused by these outdated harnesses can take the joy out of the daily strolls with a beloved pet.

Introducing the PupLeash™, a cutting-edge combination of a harness and a retractable leash. This remarkable leash offers a hassle-free and well-managed walking experience for the dog, ensuring their comfort and tranquility due to its retractable mechanism and adaptable harness. With the PupLeash™, savor the liberty of relaxed strolls and delightful outings!



RETRACTABLE TRACTION ROPE: The PupLeash™ features a built-in safety system that automatically stops the dog from dashing through crowds and ensures a strong, reliable stop during walks. When needed, it effortlessly retracts, giving control of the leash and freedom when desired. 

LOCK SYSTEM: Inspired by car seat belt mechanisms, the PupLeash™ features an automatic locking system. It secures the leash when the dog speeds up and unlocks when they stop, offering complete control and peace of mind.

SIZE ADJUSTMENT+BUCKLE: The adjustable dog harness with size adjustment buckle ensures the dog can be comfortably strapped in, neither too tight nor too loose. Instead of feeling confined, dogs will have wiggle room and still be strapped in as necessary. 

LONG-LASTING: Crafted with four adjustable elastic belts, waterproof composite fabric, double-layer elastic bonding, and sandwich mesh, the PupLeash™ ensures the utmost comfort. With sturdy metal belt loops on the chest and back, it's built to withstand the test of time.


We understand the daily struggles of navigating the chaos of traditional harnesses that leave both you and your beloved pet feeling constrained. These leashes tend to twist on the dog's neck once they start running and pulling on them for control will only hurt the pet more. Based on the National Institute of Health, there were over 100,000 injuries due to the pulling and tangling of traditional leashes. 

The PupLeash™ is the perfect harness that aids in having a safe and harmonious bond with your dog. With the built-in safety features and auto-locking mechanism, your dog stays safe, and you remain in control, all while enjoying the flexibility of a retractable leash. Enhance your dog-walking experience with the safety, comfort, and quality of the PupLeash™!




Material: Nylon 



(1) X Retractable Leash + Harness


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