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“If you have ever had a knee injury…. Just get it. It’s made relaxing so much better and takes the pressure off my knees from prolonged pain.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - McCall Butler 
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Repositioning bedridden patients is essential to prevent health impediments and ensure their safety and comfort. However, persistent worries about injuries, bedsores, and issues arising from improper moves, especially when using traditional pillows, are challenging to ignore. Using hands to lift patients without the right tools only adds stress, harm, and worry to each caregiving task.

Introducing the U-Revive™, a unique pillow that revolutionizes the assistance provided to bedridden individuals. Crafted from mesh fabric, it features a U-shaped design offering stable and gentle support, simplifying the process of moving and positioning patients while enhancing their comfort. Embrace an easy caregiving approach, leading to fulfilling and comforting moments!



PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: Created from top-notch sandwich mesh fabric and durable plastic, U-Revive™ ensures a combination of durability, softness, and breathability. Elevate the caregiving experience with unparalleled ease and longevity.

EFFORTLESS FUNCTIONALITY: Engineered to easily adjust patient postures, the U-Revive™ significantly reduces risks such as pressure sores and muscle atrophy. Experience a reduced workload, making patient care more manageable and efficient.

U-SHAPED COMFORT: The U-shaped design of U-Revive™, contoured to seamlessly fit the leg, retains its shape even after extended use. Delight in the stability and assurance it provides, making storage and usage a breeze.

EASY OPERATION: With its intuitive design, the U-Revive™ simplifies position changes and anti-decubitus care. Witness the ease of placing the leg into the two grooves and flipping it over, making caregiving straightforward.

WIDE USABILITY: The U-Revive™ is versatile, catering to various patients, including those who are obese, under general anesthesia, or dealing with cognitive or limb motor dysfunctions. This comfortable pillow is a reliable aid for a variety of diseases. 


We understand the stress associated with caring for those confined to their beds. It can feel challenging when, amid a hectic day, you attempt to turn a patient using blankets or other tools, only for them to slip and possibly, making things uneasy and increasing the risk of bedsores. Research indicates that 68% of caregivers have faced complications due to improper turning techniques.

Thankfully, U-Revive™ stands out as the ultimate pillow crafted for dedicated caregiving. Its U-shaped design, resistant to deformation, allows for easy leg placement into the two curvatures for a quick flip, ensuring those with medical issues can rest easy and be moved with the straps on the side. Embrace a day where every turn and shift feels effortless, bringing smiles to faces and easing the caregiving journey!



Product Material: Mesh + Plastic



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