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VeggieClean™ - Electric Produce Washer

“I absolutely love this thing! It is big enough to do quite a bit of fruit/vegetables at once. Very easy to clean out, and store. This is a great way to ensure that your veggies and fruits have been thoroughly cleaned.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Chris
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Consuming fresh produce is crucial for upholding a robust immune system. Nonetheless, fruits and vegetables frequently harbor concealed impurities such as insects, pesticides, and tenacious dirt that can adhere to them. These undesirable components in food can result in the unintentional ingestion of contaminated produce, basically threatening well-being and peace of mind. 

Introducing VeggieClean™, a one-step ultrasonic cleaning system for all fresh produce. This electric produce washer utilizes vibrating technology once produce is placed into water to efficiently remove pesticide residues and dirt, all while preserving the taste and nutrition of food. Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing the home-cooked meals are as pure as they can be!



ONE-STEP TECHNOLOGY: The VeggieClean™ features a unique vibrating technology. Once the fresh produce is placed into the bowl, with just a click of a button, this innovation activates water vibration which leads to effortless cleaning.

DEEP CLEANING: This machine provides deep pesticide residue removal through the usage of water. With water the VeggieClean™ rapidly decomposes harmful substances, ensuring that fruits and vegetables are safe for consumption.

BUILT-IN BOWL: The VeggieClean™ is constructed with a built-in draining bowl for convenient drying. Easily remove excess water, making fruits and veggies ready to enjoy in no time.

WIRELESS USE: This electric cleaning machine is wireless and battery-powered for ultimate convenience. The VeggieClean™ runs on replaceable batteries, ensuring it can be used whenever without the hassle of cords and chargers. 

VERSATILITY: The VeggieClean™ serves multiple purposes in the kitchen. This machine can not only be used for produce but also for cleaning tableware, kitchenware, bottles, rice, fish, and seafood, ensuring a worthwhile purpose.



We understand the constant worry behind consuming fresh produce that potentially contains contaminants. Cooking a potentially harmful dish can be unsettling since it can present numerous threats to long-term well-being. Studies reveal that over 70% of fruits and vegetables have pesticide residues, and countless households unknowingly serve these toxic elements on their plates.

Thankfully, VeggieClean™ offers the ideal remedy for spoiled fruits and vegetables. This device’s vibrating technology removes those hidden threats in a deep water cleaning, allowing you to serve pure, healthy meals to your loved ones. Enjoy peace of mind, savor the pure flavors of your food, and eat clean to the fullest with the VeggieClean™!



Electric mode. AAA batteries (batteries not included)



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