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WallMaster™ - Retractable Clothing Dryer

"Installed this in my walk in at an apartment where we don't have a washer/dryer. LIFESAVER. Seriously. Very versatile with many different options for hook spacing and positions and angle of the bracket. You can make it work for your space and it collapses flush against the wall as a place to hang robes, etc when not in use. Love this!!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Stacey
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Dryers are frequently seen as a practical appliance; however, they have the potential to deteriorate particular fabrics over time. Clothing items can end up creased, damaged, or torn when subjected to the dryer's heat and motion, necessitating time-consuming efforts to restore them. This situation can be particularly vexing and inconvenient, especially given the harm caused to the items in question.

Introducing the WallMaster™, a revolutionary wall rack that aids in air drying clothes and organization. With its unique 360-degree adjustable design, the WallMaster™ can be attached to the wall, conveniently being used to hang wet clothes and aids in reducing storage space. The WallMaster™ caters to clothing needs and creates a more organized environment!



FLEXIBILITY: The WallMaster™ boasts a remarkable three-fold design that can be bent 360 degrees, giving the flexibility to create a customized storage solution. This adaptability helps keep this wall rack compact or widely spaced, depending on the needs. 

ROBUST STORAGE CAPACITY: With 15 hanging holes for clothing and additional space for a towel holder, the WallMaster™ offers amazing storage capacity. Clothes can be dryed and organized, and towels can be hung, all on one rack.

SPACE-SAVING: The WallMaster™ attaches effortlessly to the wall, saving your valuable floor space. Enjoy a more spacious living area while keeping the clothes and towels easily accessible and organized. 

HASSLE-FREE INSTALLATION: This wall rack effectively attaches to the walls without using drills and screws. The WallMaster™ installs with ease due to its clever suction and locking design


We understand the daily difficulty of maintaining and ensuring the organization of your clothing. The prospect of your cherished clothing items being damaged and disorganized can have a negative impact on your overall day. Multiple research studies have highlighted that a cluttered environment can result in reduced productivity and heightened stress levels. 

Thankfully, the WallMaster™ is the perfect rack that can help dry and store clothes. Its ingenious design and versatility provide the perfect solution to your storage problems, providing several hooks to keep the clothes hung and an additional towel holder space, bringing convenience and order back into your life. Upgrade to the WallMaster™ for a spacious living area and well-kept clothes!



Product Material: Alluminum Alloy
Adhesion Method: Suction Cup



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