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“I just had shoulder surgery 4 weeks ago. My physical therapist used a roller ball on my shoulder so I purchased this one. Fits perfectly in my hand. Very smooth action. Worth 5 stars.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Robert
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The everyday hustle of rigorous workouts and hectic work days can take a physical toll on the body. Demanding days of this nature may result in sore joints, stubborn muscle tension, and unceasing stress on the body, transforming each day into an uphill struggle. This can leave the body feeling worn out, tense, and desperate in need of relief.

Introducing ZenSphere™, the wall-mountable massage ball designed to alleviate aches. This massage ball conveniently attaches to any smooth surface, delivering relief for the neck, arms, legs, back, and beyond, engineered to address muscle knots, inflammation, and soft tissue trigger points. With ZenSphere™, saying goodbye to bodily discomfort has never been easier!



IMMEDIATE BENEFITS:  The ZenSphere™ provides myofascial release, effectively eliminating the pain caused by muscle knots, inflammation, and soft tissue trigger points. The aches and discomfort can fade easily with every use. 

EASY TO USE: Unlike lacrosse balls or foam rollers, ZenSphere™ features a removable design, making it installable on smooth surfaces like metal, plastic, and glass. It can be used on the ground or a wall based on the muscle being targeted.

SELF-MASSAGE: The ZenSphere™ provides targeted relief on specific areas of the body. Simply slide the massage ball in the desired direction for an attainable self-massage

THERAPEUTIC: The ZenSphere™ offers versatile therapeutic uses. It can be placed in hot water for a heat therapy session or in the freezer for cooling relief making it an all-in-one pain relief companion

PORTABLE: This massage ball is completely portable due to its lightweight and compact design. The ZenSphere™ is easy to travel with, making self-massage achievable at any location.



We empathize with the battle against stubborn muscle tension. Coping with persistent bodily discomfort, particularly following an intense workout or a taxing day at work, can transform even the most straightforward tasks into formidable challenges. As per findings from the Natural Pain Center, bodily pain results in a 2.4-hour weekly reduction in work productivity.

Thankfully, the ZenSphere™ offers an ideal self-massage solution. Featuring a simple-to-mount design, this rolling ball can smoothly glide across various body regions to provide pinpointed relief, empowering you to adopt a life free from discomfort. Enhance your workout regimen and overall well-being with the ZenSphere™ for a faster pain-relief process!



Ice Therapy: Freezer (1-2 hrs)
Heat Therapy: Warm Water (5-10 min)
Surface Use: Tile, Glass, Steel, Plastic, etc



(1) X Mountable Massage Ball


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